Sunday, October 23, 2011

National Novel Writing Month, November 2011

    Well, I find myself facing November and the approach of National Novel Writing Month.  My job has come to an end for the year.  Since July, I've had very little inspiration and no time or interest in writing.  My computer has a problem--the screen stopped working when my Norton Antivirus updated and apparently Vista didn't like it.  Add in some other massive unexpected expenses and problems, and I did not think I would have the time, inspiration, or capability to write this year.
     Then my sister bought me a handmade journal.  At least that way I could write, even if not officially.  I bought new pens to write in it with.  And I got the idea for a story.
     Today, I got access to a computer for the month if mine doesn't fix itself like it did the last time Norton and Vista fought.  I bought a new thumb drive to keep my story on if I need to switch computers between uploads.
    I just hope I get the support and understanding from friends and family.  National Novel Writing Month is a huge sacrifice of time and effort on my part.  I have been wondering a lot this week if the reason all of this stuff has happened and all the doors in my life have shut to allow me to focus on this month and my writing--the thing I have always felt God has called me to do.  To suddenly get inspiration after so long, let alone a renewed interest, is a sign for one.  To get access and supplies is another.
     The story I intend to do is that of Mirinia Dragon-Child, from her creation as far as I can go.  I want to at least reach where she meets Avalan, where most of the current story I have redone starts.  If I can get into that part, even better.  But the goal is to deal with the story involving her and her band of companions, a story I barely began many, many years ago.
    More details and character list to come this week while I sort out and decide for certain if this is what I am to do.