Sunday, December 1, 2013

100 Words Challenge reminiscent review

Today I was feeling a touch nostalgic, and found an older file folder on my external of a challenge project I was doing with a friend and three of her friends back shortly after I graduated from college.  We started it November 2007 (I graduated in 2006).  My last addition was in June, 2011.  I was up to 82.  I have part of 83, Smoke, written somewhere, but never finished, as enthusiasm for the project had pretty much died off by then.  The challenge was: we came up with a list of 100 words, then had to write short story clips that embodied each of those particular words--100 total.  What we wound up with was a list of 102, as other words suggested themselves as we went along.  I did 82, and the next-nearest was my friend at just over 50.  On a whim tonight I decided to amble through my contributions; I had some good stuff in there, turns out.  It's been fun to go back.
Some of my stories were inspired by music, or games, or even events earlier in my life.  Some I used from other writing I'd done, because they just fit too well.
The project was great exercise, and I may eventually finish the list--only spirit, agony, war, strike, blindness, evil, psychotic, ancient, frustration, pity, soft, window, heaven, oppression, smoke, light, loss, differences, ripples, and natural to go.
I'm thinking of posting some of those old pieces here. Haven't decided which ones.  I will probably leave out the fan fiction ones...I love Transformers, and was writing a Generation One-loyal and -accurate story based on that old original '80s cartoon series.  I did a lot of fun little blurbs from it as words, but to enjoy them, you really had to be a Transformers geek like me.  Others ranged from my entire gamut of stories--science fiction and fantasy works I've been working on my entire life, and some that were spur-of-the-moment created just from the impressions a particular word left me.
I guess we'll see what comes of it.

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  1. Sounds interesting. I can probably fit in some short story reading.